Thursday, August 13, 2009

My trip to Chi-town for SIM

It has been several weeks. I was in Chicago for the Stamats Integrated Marketing Conference at the end of July. The conference was good. Stamats is currently working on the look & feel of our next website (will definitely be talking more about that) and we got to spend some good time with our rep Ronnie Woodson.

While we were there is just so happened that our Alumni director Michelle Peel was in town for an Alumni conference. We met up with her for some Chicago Cub baseball (killed the Astros) and a Chicago Alumni Chapter event. It was a great time. We heard some amazing Multnomah stories that went on to become amazing life stories. Michelle got some pictures (too many involving me). I was most impressed with a story by one of our alum who took his degree from Multnomah (then "School of the Bible") continued to get a masters in teaching from Lewis and Clark and then spent decades teaching and sharing the gospel with the people of Congo (then Belgium Congo).

I got pretty excited sitting there listening. As a web developer I get to be involved in a lot of promotions for programs at MU. Launching of the Master of Arts in Teaching was one of those programs. It was amazing to hear what God has done with one person, a Bible education, and the skill of teaching. It was a good reminder. The addition of the MAT program at MU reaffirms - God is at work at Multnomah.

Thanks for having me Michelle. And Chicago region alumni, my hat is off to you.

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