Friday, August 14, 2009

Can you audit my web class?

Thanks to the age we live in, it was only a few moments after I posted the announcement about my web class (JRN315) that a good friend of mine commented on Facebook asking if he could audit the class.

Part of putting together my curriculum for my class is writing a section in the syllabus called "Relationship to College Mission Statement" or why are we offering this class. It is a good exercise. It has caused me to readdress the reasons that I currently do web development and find it inline with my Christian mission (perhaps for another post). A lot of my focus has been on the new students or more specifically journalism students. However, my friend happens to be the poster boy for why vocational sounding courses gives wheels to one's ministry training.

My friend got his bachlors degree from Multnomah University. He even worked for MU for a while in the music department. He is a very gifted musician and has great deal of pastoral giftings. For many years he has been very active in the church in many capacities. While serving at his current local church he has found himself in charge of the church's website. Now I don't think he would mind me saying that he really didn't know much at all about web design or even how to administer a site. He has come a long way and done a great job.

This class is a great opportunity for many reasons. Consider this short list.
  • Missionaries do so much communication via the web
  • Journalist (this is a journalism seminar after all) must utilize the web
  • Pastors and lay people alike may one day (or currently) manage a website or e-newsletter
  • A lot of theological discussion is happening online and basic web design skills can help you join the discussion.
These are just some things that I put down as I approached this class. I think it will be a lot of FUN as well!

If you are interested in "getting you some web skillz" you should know...
The day and time can be found on the course description page (JRN315). Also, you can audit for free! Check out the alumni benefits page for more info. The form to apply is on that page.

Class starts August 31st! Ack! Back to work.


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